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lj_photophile's Journal

A big picture view of LJ photographers

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LiveJournal Photophile
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Original photos taken by members of the stunningly talented, global LiveJournal community.
Welcome to lj_photophile! We're an international photography community where users are invited to share photos on any theme (provided it's youth-friendly).

When posting:

- Please submit one photo per post. Also, if your photo is part of a theme/series, you can submit additional photos under a cut, but the first photo will be considered for the poll.
- Limit photo size to 640 pixels on the longest side. This ensures that images won't break on friends pages and keeps our community mobile-friendly. You can place a larger version of your photo under a cut or link to it!
- Keep it clean. Just to reiterate, we are a youth-friendly community, so no nudity, obscenity, etc.
- Tell us about it! We love details! What camera did you use? Where was it taken? Is there a story behind it?

We select photos for the poll based on a combination of user comments, +1 ratings, and staff input. You may post as many photos as you like throughout the week, but if you have more than one photo with enough votes to be in the poll, the photo with the highest number of votes will be selected. A contest winner will once again be eligible to be considered for the poll one month after winning. Thank you for participating!

Polls will be posted every other week, usually on Wednesdays. They will include the 8 top-voted photos from the previous two weeks (Sunday 12:01 am EST through Saturday 11:59 pm EST). The winner of the poll will receive 300 tokens.

On or around the last day of the month, we will post a compilation of photos submitted by you guys in response to a posted theme/prompt, and a new theme will be given. The themes are not mandatory; you may still post whatever photos you would like. However, theme photos will still be eligible for +1 votes and to be included on the weekly poll (unless otherwise designated within your post). The theme posts are not contests, and are simply a place to gather 'round and discuss photography, either techniques or content. When posting a theme photo, please use the "Theme photo" tag, or otherwise denote your post as a theme photo so it is included! The theme posts are still evolving and may change from week to week while we find a format that is fun and useful for everybody. Please see this post for more detailed information.

The purpose of this community is to explore the art of photography with one another: to learn, grow and share our accomplishments. This is a friendly community. Please keep comments on topic and play nice. While you are not prohibited from providing constructive criticism related to photography, comments with no other purpose than to be hurtful or provoke drama will be warned and shut down. Thank you!


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