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LiveJournal Photophile

A big picture view of LJ photographers

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Fog. Early in the morning.
hooked on crack
sunfog wrote in lj_photophile

Russia, 65 km from Moscow. Khotkovo city. I have a set of 5 photos, so if you like this one, I'll post others.
More for you to see:

River Pazha

Some fallen trees

The moon and the birch

That's all in this set.

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I have edited the entry. I don't know whether tis was a good idea or bad one/

wow thats really pretty. I love how the skies reflected off the water.

I think it's absolutely beautiful. I am saving all the photos I like best to use as temporary desktops so that I can spend longer longer looking at them. I think this one might be 'up' on my desktop quite a few days!

I placed new photos in entry.

Очень классные умиротворяющие фотки. Особенно вторая. Зачет.

Спасибо) Я рад что вам понравилось!

Спасибо. Фото прекрасные, места родные. Соскучилась, было приятно посмотреть.

Great! Очень красиво...

Whoa! As I watch those pictures, it simply reminded me my home town in Aguila, Arizona. During my school days, I played in a tree. Oh, I recall when my cousin celebrated her debut in our garden, she was so stunning and elegant in her cocktail dresses. I really miss Kelly. Two thumbs up! Hope to see more.

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