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LiveJournal Photophile

A big picture view of LJ photographers

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ilya_gorokhov wrote in lj_photophile

That is so beautiful!

Wonderful place!
where it?

This is breath taking! Wow! Thanks for sharing!

Perfectly well! Is more tremendous! I love Germany

This is amazing. I can picture myself sitting there looking out. Gorgeous!

(Deleted comment)
I'd like to sit here;)

mk II - rulez! )

I thought I was looking at my own view -
a rocky cliff, familiar -
the fields below -
a nearby river -
even the farmland meadow - placed just so -
of course - there are differences -
still - stunning similarities -
beautiful photograph -
scene -

very very very super!!!! :)
and my fotoblog: http://hohma4.blogspot.com

Очень интересная находка! Very interesing)

Как красиво!!! Потрясающий вид!