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LiveJournal Photophile

A big picture view of LJ photographers

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ilya_gorokhov wrote in lj_photophile

Portrait of a bench against mountains

At you excellent sense of humour!

Just blown away by the wind)

Вечность у твоих ног!

faaaaantastic...i'm impressed.

Wow, that is so amazing!

Goodness... I went speechless for a moment. Thank you for sharing this beautiful image

Ну-ну,фото недели. Согласись - людям нравится,когда их ждёт прибежыще, как будто для них. Во всяком случае, они надеются на это.


It's ingenious!!!

(Deleted comment)

Re: Кросотища!!!

А зачем издеваться над русским языком? Он же наш родной!

Give me a place to stand , and I might move the world. Someone said something like that. Also needed is a place to sit, and appreciate the wonder of this fragile world. Thanks for a beautiful picture.

I love moutain views! More than sea veiws want to live in the moutains!! It's beautiful.

Это очень профессионально!

Очень красиво!

How awesome it would be to sit on that bench surrounded by such beauty!