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LiveJournal Photophile

A big picture view of LJ photographers

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ilya_gorokhov wrote in lj_photophile

Great photo! The perfect place to sit down and to think about stuff.
:) kiss

Прекрасно. Отличное фото. Особенно хороша лавочка, она уже тоже стала каменной.

That looks like a nice view. . .

Хочу посидеть там!!!

I love this .. it's so romantic ..

This is beautiful! You're lucky you got such a clear day. When I was there it was foggy and you couldn't see any of the distant mountains in pictures. I like this composition!

супер! надо же такое место было разыскать..

Красота!)) хотелось бы побывать там..)))

i love how this picture looks the view is so beautiful

The view is breathtaking XDD
Abs GREAT photo!!!