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LiveJournal Photophile

A big picture view of LJ photographers

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ilya_gorokhov wrote in lj_photophile

Gorgeous! Where is this taken? It's breathtaking!

That is so beautiful! Amazing picture!

I have this fear of heights so getting close to cliff edges kinda freaks me out, but I would love to sit on this bench for a while and look out over that vally.

whoa! awesome picture! the bench just looks like it belongs there. where is this?

I saw this and the first thing to pop into my head was "Gods Bench" lol great picture

Отличное фото. Лавочка смотрится великолепно на фоне камней.

Awesome photo! I want to go there :)

That looks like the Eagles Nest near Saltzburg, Austria in southern Germany...It was Beautiful !!

Yes, this is it :)

Saw this on LJ News. Wish I could vote in the contest, because this is stunning! (Can't say I'd actually want to sit on it because YEGADS, I'd get dizzy!) But what a fantastic shot!

Enchantingly Amazing..LOL

whoa! very astonishing picture. I wonder where it was taken?...Very beautiful..The scenery is very awesome. I wish I could go there during our wedding day..LOL..But, I think I will find it so hard while we are dolled up with suits going up. And I want to do some rappelling after our wedding. I'm an adventurous man...LOL.Two Thumbs up to the picture and the one who shoots it.

I voted for this one for the weekly poll :) Awesome work

Where is the poll? I can not even find where it: (

I wanna sit there!
It's so catchy in my eyes! Good work! ^w^v

one of the best, and possibly the most humbling photo i've ever seen!