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A big picture view of LJ photographers

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Holding Back the Years
cthonus wrote in lj_photophile

West Scotland Street Lane 19th century mews

I love this. My HDR photos all look overprocessed. You have this mastered.

That's about as maxed-out as my software does, though I've found if a shot has a lot of light tones the max level just adds too much noise.

Glad you liked it. It was a chance find when we were out walking yesterday. Ended up taking a dozen shots of "No Parking" signs and garage doors!

Wow...this is a wonderful shot! IS there a link to your other photos?

The richness of the HDR gives this a wonderful light and texture - the slightly unreal quality seems entirely appropriate.

I always feel with HDR the older the buildings the better the end result.

OooooOOOOH. This is just lovely. The textures are just astonishing. Kudos!

I thought this was an incredibly detailed pastel sketch when I first saw it. Amazing!

The area itself has a very odd feel to it, run down but proud

wow! this looks like something from an RPG (my first thought was counterstrike), but still a very interesting and arresting photo. kyewl! ^____^

Oh wow. Playing this as a Counterstrike map. I so dig that :D

Very nice, light touch with the HDR! So many HDR photos look far too burnt but this is perfect!

Thank you. I prefer to use HDR to bring up the texture rather than just muddy the picture. Glad you think this one works.

Wow. That is a nice shot. Normally I'm not really into photography, but this photo has great feeling to it.

I like a number of things: the pastel colours of the doors, the contrast between the rough building and the neat arrangement of the flower pots, how the focus is on this little corner but you can still glimpse the way out at the very edge, the small splash of bright red in the middle, but most of all the stormy grey of the sky overhead. It's cosy, yet ominous.

And after this rant I conclude that I might be the tiniest bit in love with this photo. Heh. I'd like to have this on my wall.

Thank you :)

It was a chance find - we were coming back from lunch so I thought it might be fun to wander along the back streets and see if there was anything worth photographing. It's a very small street and every door is plastered with a variety of 'No Parking' signs.

Oh, this is amazing. I keep just staring at it.

It's odd. The place looks as if it's neglected and falling down but there are fresh plants in pots and cleaning utensils against the door.

This is perfect! I lived in Scotland for a couple of years and felt in love with the country. Your photos on Flickr have just stirred up to me the feeling of this country: the beauty and sadness.

Thank you!

I had a dream once and the settings looked just like this,except that the garage was a bar.

HDR - fantastic photo! wooou

Thanks - it was one of those locations which works better as HDR than a normal photo