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Soft White
Stock: Peacock feather
tattooedraven wrote in lj_photophile
Taken with a stained glass light in front of our cat, Spike, which I thought would show up on his fur, but it didn't. *pets the pink ears*

Click for full size

Taken with Sony Optical Steady Shot.

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Beautiful picture, absolutely perfect cat.

I hope you keep trying with the stained glass - that would be an amazing effect.

Spike is gorgeous - let's see some more!

Thanks for sharing him.


Spike was more or less dumped on us as a kitten and we couldn't turn away such a fluff ball.

Funny thing is he was upset I'd put the stained glass in the window because he tried everything he could to look around it and finally gave up. It seems the glass only made his fur look more soft and fluffy and I was pleased with the affect. ^_^'

Thanks for the comment!

He may have been frustrated by the lack of access to the window, by he only looks regal.

I've never had an all white cat before - he's incredibly gorgeous. (Love the name - is it a Buffy reference because of his color?) I did have an all black cat and she was very, very hard to photograph. In this age of autofocus, the camera just couldn't focus on her. It was pretty laughable as it tried...

Oh I know exactly what you mean, my Artemis is black as well and it's so hard to get a decent picture of him aside from the fact he has the knack for turning his head just as the camera snaps.

Heh no Spike was named by my boys, I think it has to do with Mario Brothers?

He's beautiful! And what a cute little black nose.

Thank you! I haven't a clue what his breed is. I love his nose too and his manly pink ears. ^_^'

My guess would be Turkish Van, but more likely, he's like all of mine - long-haired mutt kitties...

BTW, loved the tuft-eared kitty in your icon!

I second the Turkish Van breed guess. He's so beautiful, dearling. *envies*

What a cutie! Cash seems so petite.

It only so seems :-)

Unfortunately, Cash has not lived up to now. Accident :-(

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