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Diorama The battle of Kursk
aramis7 wrote in lj_photophile
Diorama The battle of Kursk
The story is based on historical events лета1943 G., completed a radical change in the course of the great Patriotic war - the defeat of the German fascist troops on the Kursk bulge. Dedicating his work strategic operations at Kursk, the author takes only one day – 12 июля1943, in the area of Prokhorovka came together in a head-on battle two armored Armada. Both sides were up to 1,200 tanks self-propelled artillery. It was one of the largest counter tank battle of the Second world war. According to the artist, he sought to reproduce the "giant fire cauldron on red, like hot metal, earth." The battle of Prokhorovka was won by the Soviet troops. The enemy was exhausted and drained, around the Kursk bulge began his retreat. August 5, in honor of the liberation of Orel and Belgorod to Moscow was made the first salute. The battle of Kursk ended on 23 августа1943, the capture of Kharkov.

Diorama The battle of Kursk


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