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Glow on the Lake
ladysnaps wrote in lj_photophile

The last photo of my fascination with this lone driftwood on the shore of Euclid Beach. I discovered it one day and have been intrigued with it since. This piece is approximately 25 feet long by 5 feet high. (7 x 1.5 meters)

I used a bi-color LED light panel to produce the warm light on the wood.

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That is an amazing picture. You must be truly talented.

thank you. so kind of you to say. :)

That is a very satisfying conclusion to this series. I like it very much.

thank you! i'm glad you liked it. i'm kinda interested in how many photos i actually took of this over a month.

The shot is just surreal! Great job! :)

hoi hoi!

I have translated and published your post hier: http://inoblogs.livejournal.com/23313.html

all your copyrights are reseved there after you :) Please, let me know if you mind this publication.

Thank you!

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