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The Elephant
capn_flapjack wrote in lj_photophile

I love elephants. They have such an intelligent look in their eyes. It almost felt like this one was asking me to open the gate...

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I love elephants too. They are very intelligent animals.

I know, I love watching documentaries on them. I think I really became amazed by them when I saw a thing talking about how they mourn and bury deceased elephants.

I have travelled to Thailand several times, and visited an elephant camp. Elephants are no longer used for traditional services like clearing forests, etc. so their mahouts had to find another way to keep the elephants and themselves in jobs. Entering the camp we bought a bunch of bananas on the way in, which I then fed to an elephant (warm fuzzies for both of us). The elephants then walked into the river for their daily scrub, and whilst there one, which had obviously been trained so to do squirted water on the crowd. The elephant got a real kick out of that, so did the crowd.

After this we were invited to enter a mini grandstand to watch the elephants perform further tricks. They walked in one by one, each holding the tail of the animal in front with their trunk, whils the lead elephant carried a sign identifying the camp. After this we watched them hauling logs, and various other duties, then they did balancing tricks such as standing upright on one foot, and the final entertainment was a football match. Following this you could if you wished take a ride on an elephant.

On another trip when conditions were becoming quite dire for the elephants I saw a baby in Bangkok performing tricks. I felt very sorry for the poor little creature, as Bangkok is a big, busy and noisy city, and I would think a pretty scary place compared with Northern Thailand. I have to say I am always glad to leave Bangkok. Chiang Mai in the north is another story. I love it so much I would be happy to live there.

That's so cool, I'm jealous haha. I would love to even just pet an elephant let alone get to feed one...Whenever they're close to the gates at the zoo I have to stop myself from just reaching out and touching one.

That's how it felt, I looked from my camera and she was just peeking through the fence, it felt like she was looking right at me.

Hello there! Come out and play! :DD

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