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Reflected Sunrise
pic#111046832 Viking
fffbone wrote in lj_photophile

Taken Jan.9,2013.

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Very pretty and evocative of dawn.

Picture perfect, bone! It really is gorgeous. The ducks paddling across the water in the foreground are genius! The jetty area looks like it's recovered from Sandy??

I'm not sure how it is out in the water yet. There are so many broken up floating docks out there. All the dunes were lost. That's what protected us. They have to rebuild the dunes. In other words when your driving on the parkway ( you can see lights in the distance) You can see the ocean. That is not good.

Thanks for liking the picture. :) Yeah the ducks just happened to swim by.

It's hard to believe that in such a serene picture there could be so much going on under the surface. Putting the sand dunes back will be a big job! And I suppose clearing the debris from the waterways won't be easy either. Still, it is a beautiful place and you've captured it perfectly.

Edited at 2013-02-03 09:33 am (UTC)

this is great! I love the clouds reflecting in the quiet water.

(During editing, I would adjust the horizon line so it is actually horizontal.)

Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean. I just have a point and shoot camera. I was trying to get the shot before the ducks ruined the reflection. Thanks for the feed back.

Lot's of editing programs have a function that allows you to rotate the photos. You can rotate the 90 or 180 degrees, or but a few degrees, to bring some strong lines into a disirable positions. That's what I do with my photos if they have a horizon line; i.e., I make sure it's horizontal (and I also re-frame most of my photos).

Thank you very much for the info. Will need to remember this.

WOW! Your photos become better and better! This one is terrific! :)

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