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Photo of the week contest!
me vector
berniebentablo wrote in lj_photophile
This poll is closed.

Tell us your pick in pics!


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I don't see any new pictures posted for a few days- am I missing something? I made a submission yesterday so I'm guessing it's sitting in the queue.

i posted a few pictures a few days ago too and they're still not up.. =S

Absolutely not to detract from Wild7orchid's talent, but didn't they JUST WIN recently?

And didn't this community kindly making a rule about recent winners being exempt for a period of time to give NEW photographers a fair chance??

Thank you for expressing your concern, dear. You're right that I won some time ago but it happened in the beginning of September.

Here is the link

And, according the rules back then, I had to wait three months until my photos could be selected for the weekly poll. So, everything is as fair and square as it can be. ;)

Wish I could vote for all! Really tough choice this time!

awesome pictures!! its so hard to choose!!

Wow, tough choices this week. Too bad I can't choose 'all'!

they are all to nice to choose one

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