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wild7orchid wrote in lj_photophile
Who would you prefer as a pet – furry cat or furry spider? ;)

Click the image if you dare!

spider. these days i prefer any pet over a cat

I guess you're rather unique individual who doesn't afraid those eight-legged creatures. :))

Yikes!.. Not something you wanna see first thing in the morning while drinking your coffee!!.. a furry cat :-)

But shaking all those hands/legs can be a quite a ritual, just like drinking coffee in the morning. :D

he's beautiful. i wish there was something else in the pic for size reference. do you know how big he is?

I don't know the exact size but I think he was longer than 15 cm. O_O

This was the fist photo I looked at on the screen, right after I woke up and I thought it was a porcupine huddle. :-p

Understandable mistake. ;)

Btw, it's a great picture waking up to, isn't it? :D

~made me shiver to my spine..:( ~

Oh, poor you! Don't be so scared. He can't hurt you, dear. ;)

Cats. I prefer no panic attacks. :-(

I see you point, hon! :DD


I prefer a cat, only because I can't stand the prey items that T's love to eat. Crickets, roaches, and meal worms...GROSS GROSS GROSS!!! *shudder* NO THANKS.

For a person who doesn't like spiders, you know a lot about their diet. Always know your enemy, I suppose? lol

Wish I dared - but spiders creep me out hardcore... ;-P

Oh, come on! Why two of you can't be friends? He is soft inside and fluffy outside. :D

No hairy pets, however beautiful they are:) But I love the picture!

You always can shave any hairy pet, except spider, probably. lol

Thanks! :DD

I do not dare. ::shudders::

OK, no clicking but maybe a little bit tickling? I bet he would like it! :))

AHH That's just way to close. Don't let the fuzziness fool you. Still a huge spider.

There was glass between us, so no kissing or hugging. Pity! lol

Spider! Love them and they are much less demanding then a cat. :-)

Probably, you're the one and only spider fan. Congratulations! :DD

А вот согласись - и паук может быть очаровашкой))) просто вспомнилось, что ты их боишься...

Я их не боюсь. Я их уважаю. Издалека... lol

Thank you for the nice words! :)


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