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Northern Finland, - 25°C (-13ºF)
Горячее молоко
lap_landia wrote in lj_photophile

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The purity and beauty of winter can not be denied when it's all white! I love winter as long as I will also be hibernating the whole season long..Otherwise, I need the roads clean to drive a long distance from home! :)

The photos are lovely! Thanks for sharing..:)

Winter roads in Finland perfectly clean. For the most part. :)

Thank you!

very beautiful photos :)

I'm glad that you liked.

I don't like winter because I hate severe cold. But I love snow. It's magic!

I agree that the bitter cold is unpleasant.

What amazing pictures!!!

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

So beautiful! My favourite is the 3rd one... I love winter.

These are beautiful. And very cold looking too. ( just saw these in "Landscape" and thought they should be here too.)

I hope it is not too cold - to see it twice. :)
Thank you.

Well... This is not Hawaii, obviously! O_O

Great little set! :)

But there is a sauna with a temperature of +100`C. :)

Thank you for sharing these! I love the first one - I've never seen that much snow on a tree before.

On the trees not only snow, but a very thick layer of frost. Just as in the Arctic. :)

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