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Computers really are just a heated kitty landing pad (Rook on my computer)
alice curtsey
tsuni_night wrote in lj_photophile

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What a beautiful cat! What breed is she/he?

Sorry thought I replied to this response, not the whole thread.

My vet says he's a Ragdoll. He's a pound kitty though, so he could me many things. :)

He's so adorable. My great-grandmother had a Ragdoll named Andy. He was so sweet and lived to be some 18 or 19 years old. :)

Rook feels he needs warmth after visit to hair-dress ))
so cute and happy now!

That's what I thought too. Of course he must be feeling chilly!

Hah! He mostly prances around. He's always happier without armpit fur lol. Honestly I think the computer just offers an option to ppl watch. It's his favorite hobby

What a beautiful kitty! His/her eyes match their fur!

Haha, your cat has so much freaking personality! (And is so photogenic!)

Yes he is def not lacking in the personality department.

When we go for walks he owns the park

(pic of my fiance walking him)

Per my vet he's a rag doll. I found him at the NE Humane Society. I was going to look at dogs.., never did make it to look at the dogs lol

what an amazing kitty! So do you have him groomed to achieve that lion hairdo or is natural?

It's a hair cut. he's a super fluff with all his hair. He doesn't like his belly brushed, so it's hard to keep him properly groomed. He LOVES having his head brushed though... the priss. After the first time we gave him the hair cut though I feel in love with it. It's so darn cute! He's fantastic @ baths & always prances around to show off his new haircut when we bring him back from the groomers. It's hilarious.

Awwwww, this is so sweet! :))))

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