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Comin' at you!
crysania4 wrote in lj_photophile

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Сегодня просто день моего любимого окраса :)
Какой он серьезный и пальцерастопыреный :)

Thank you! He's a very handsome cat!

Do not you dare come near, huh!!! :)

It sure does look like that doesn't it? He was really trying to balance on his shoulders (which is one of his favorite things to do) but the way he did it and stared at me at the same time looked creepy!

Scary!!! Look at those claws!)

And imagine them digging into you as he tries to gain his balance (which is REALLY what he's doing here). He LOVES to be on his person's shoulders. Unfortunately those claws can hurt!

How many shirts have you lost to those claws? I had to get rid of several shirts which had rather large holes from cat balancing.

Мяу, точнее маленькая полосатая тигра. Мяу.

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