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appassionata_lr wrote in lj_photophile
"Золотой ошейник"
«"Золотой ошейник"» на Яндекс.Фотках

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Love it! I can't quite tell the size...Komondor or Puli?

Looks like a mop. Good shot and thanks for posting.

(Deleted comment)
Bob Marley would be proud... :p

it's a mop with a tongue! those are awesome dogs.

No way! That's a mop. :)

So cute!

Wow. I've heard the phrase "that dog looks like a mop" before, but it never applied quite so ... literally.

Would you mind terribly if I shared this photo on my own journal? (With appropriate credit and a link, of course.)

Ha-ha-ha! Awesome hair-do, dude! :DDD

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