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Eastern Bluebird
pony horse
lone_pony wrote in lj_photophile
To see large picture, click on the image

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This is an extraordinary creature! Adorable...

Thank you! It's lovely bird, and very shy, normally doesn't let people to get close. But sometimes I get lucky:))

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Re: Eastern Bluebird

Thank you!

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Thank you! When it flies in sunny day, it looks like small piece of blue flame moving around:) Color is exquisite.

WOW! Look at that BLUE!! Once again, the name is describing the cute little guy perfectly! :))

Awesome shot! :D

Thank you!
The name does describe the little guy pretty well, no doubts:))

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Thank you! You are right, bluebirds are shy, don't like people too close to them. But once in a while we get lucky:) I'm glad you like the picture.

That is one bright and beautiful birdie! Great shot!

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Thank you! I couldn't agree more, this bird is amazing:)

Синей птицей не стало меньше… :)))

Я вот скоро еще одну добавлю, ту что сегодня встретил:)))

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