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я сам :)
le_ranger wrote in lj_photophile

German troops supports the Finnish militia during the assault of Viipuri (Vyborg), 1918 (Reconstruction of the Civil War in Finland).

Photo - April 2012
Camera - Canon EOS 1100D

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Nice photo! Nice action sequence. Finland had a history of aiding Germany. I know about WW2, (they were Nazi allies) but not the Great War.

This is not exactly the "Great War." Civil War in Finland was over 4 months after receiving her independence from Russia, like the civil war in Russia (1917-1922, "Red" vs. "White").

The "Great War" is what I called WW1. I thought it was part of that. Several conflicts spun off during and after that time. Several countries fought separate battles and not part of WW1. (Russia & Japan) I guess the civil war was about some Finns wanting to be part of Russia (as in Red), others not. And Germany was helping the ones that wanted to break away. I didn't know that.

But yes, Finland has a history of siding with Germany, in one way or another, LOL.

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