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Violet evening
feya_d wrote in lj_photophile

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I wish we had snow like that right now.

A wish for a white Chistmass?

Very pretty, but very cold looking. I love when it's the blue hour.

It was really cold that evening, but also very nice and very quiet.

You have some remarkable show over there, haven't you? Looks amazing! :))

The Alps are so close! We get plenty of snow from time to time.

So peaceful and beautiful. I can almost hear the sound of sleigh bells!

I got this same feeling that evening! Like in a fairy tale:)

Новогоднее предчувствие…

Оно самое, сказочное:) Ещё и тихо-тихо было...

Very remarkable! I live at 42 degrees south, and have not experienced this.

Like walking in a huge freezer:) But the air is fresh.

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