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Photo of the week contest!
me vector
berniebentablo wrote in lj_photophile
This poll is closed.

Tell us your pick in pics!


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How can anyone POSSIBLY make a choice this week?!
You're all AMAZING.

Lots of amazing skies this week! Lovely photos, all of them.

i was thinking that as well. 5 of the 6 were dominated by sky, yet they were all unique and beautiful in their own ways.

good job, everyone!

Lots of good photos, indeed. But, in my humble opinion, anton_petrus takes the cake and it's not even close.

Seriously, this week is the hardest choice I've had to make since I joined this community. Amazing photos, all of them.

Wow, this was a hard one they're all so great :D

yet they were all unique and beautiful in their own ways.

The last one, but Photoshop?, so it can't be here:(((

All are great :) But the lightning one !!! Amazing :)

Why?!?!?!? Why did you have to put so many amazing photos in one poll??? There are a lot of deserving winners in this poll, sad that we can choose only one... :(

I know Anton Petrus will win, but I think Feya D's sunken yacht is a great photo!!

Still in love with the blue! :D

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