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... there is no escaping fate
feya_d wrote in lj_photophile

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LOL My favorite scene in the whole series. Best. Entrance. Ever. =D

Ooops! Poor little ship. :(

It is:(
Anyway I hope it`s life was not as miserable as the end was.

Thank you! And - working:)

A tragic accident occurred?

In fact I don`t know anything. It was quite close to the shore, in a very lonely place on the border between Slovenia and Italy. There are a lot of fishermen in the surrounding villages... Probably a winter storm has taken a boat from one of them.

My fauvorite is that one when Jack felt into the grave.

I have to look for something like that one:)

And I like scene with cannibals(2nd part). It's great.

Finding cannibals could be a problem in Slovenia:)

You always have books. Or you can go to Russia or Germany ;)

You may not be able to escape fate, but I'm sure you could find a away to rescue that poor boat!

The boat is on the safe side now, you shouldn`t worry.

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