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LiveJournal Photophile

A big picture view of LJ photographers

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Photo of the week contest!
me vector
berniebentablo wrote in lj_photophile
This poll is closed.

Tell us your pick in pics!


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This was a hard one. Great job everyone, truly.

The scenery is very beautiful

Agreed about the scenery. Thanks for sharing, everyone.

All are marvelous.
nice pics, good work guys :)

Squirrel! Squirrel! Squirrel! The remarkable sense of balance must be rewarded! :))

yours was the only one that had real personality to me. others reminded me too much of recent winners.

WOW! Thank you for the compliment! :D

The squirrel shot is a great find... though your lizard has a wonderfully dignified pose

I like the B&W landscape too ... Great tones Orlov!!

Очень понравилось осеннее фото. Замечательная цветовая палитра, отражения в воде, виден даже луч солнца.

What amazing pictures. I can not choose ... sorry (((

Ваш опрос занял 58-е место в рейтинге ЖЖ голосований

I like kotoshka's photo!

Люблю осень! Поэтому - kotoshka!

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