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vita_pro wrote in lj_photophile

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Не в сказке сказать, не пером описать.... Только сфотографировать красоту такую! :))

А ещё помнить...
Ты там не под водой?

shining when in the sun

In the sun all perfectly :)

Поздравляю с победой в конкурсе!

Thank you!
I like this photo too :)

I'm new around here, wanna be super awesome and spread me around?

you can find necessary information here -

And good luck!

Ethereal! Where did you take this? :o)

This autumn in Russia, October... :)

Love it!
It's a great shot.
Thanks for sharing.

It's a fantastic shot. So cool that it's from Russia. We've taken similar pics here in WI. But wonderful job. I'll definately be checkin' back on you!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
I can also offer you the pictures of ice and fall leaves -
and winter pictures on glass -
There's a lot of pictures from Russia :)

Wish I'd taken it! ;-)

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