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Zagedan lakes. Russia, North Caucasus, Abishira-Akhuba massif
carduus_crispus wrote in lj_photophile

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Our beautiful world

Thank you :D

Thank you for this series of photos. They are very good quality, and I am always grateful to extend my knowledge of other countries. I live in Australia, which is a long way from everywhere else.

I guess Australia is also a unique place of world, so you even can be envied by other persons for your opportunity to discover it and Oceania :)

This is also true. Since you like hiking in fairly challenging terrain you would probably like Tasmania, the state in which I live. 40% of it has been declared a World heritage park, and is still in pristine condition. In fact, in the mountainous part of the state it is in parts similar to the rugged country in your photograph.

No doubt I would like Tasmanian hiking but it's too far meaning too expensive to get there

I fully understand the cost of travel.

Нет ничего красивее Северного Кавказа!

Категорично, но во многом так

Да, наверное, немного категорично, но люблю Кавказ! Поэтому:)

~Is this what you call the land locked lakes?~

Thanks for sharing! :)

They're not in fact, because there is a water outlet. But don't mind that :)

(Deleted comment)
Majestic landscape! It's soooo beautiful! :))

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