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Hurricane Sandy
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fffbone wrote in lj_photophile
The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  I evacuated, my husband and son stayed.  We had 4 foot plus of flood  water.  These are 2 house boats that just missed hitting my house.  They are on the street.  There are two more down the street on peoples front lawns.  I have no power etc. Staying at my sister's & she has no power either.  But no water to worry about.

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That was tough. I consider ourselves the lucky ones, 4 days with no power, and my son's car was flooded and totaled, that's it.
Hope it will get better from now. Best of luck to you!

Some freaky storm. Everyday I go back home and notice more things. But my family is safe. We might not get power till Dec./Jan. Forget internet. Have no idea about that.
Best of luck to you too. Thank You.

I hope your husband and son are safe ...

Take care of you all.

Thank you so much. We are all safe and sound.

That looks like that was a nice house boat in the foreground. It's a pity that the owners didn't have it towed to a safer location before the hurricane hit.

Some other house boats sunk and some are just fine. Just glad it didn't hit my house. Thanks.

Impressive picture. Are you in the path of the next storm?

Stay safe and warm. Let people know there is lots of good will and best wishes flowing from across the country.

Yes I was. It turned out to be just a snow storm. But it was Freezing out.

Scaring... Best wishes from France! I hope you'll power back as soon as possible!

Thanks :) I really hope things get back together real soon. ( it's gonna take months).

I wish you the very best of luck. I'm very happy to hear you and your family are safe.

Aww thank you for your warm thoughts. Need them very much now.

Hope you are all safe & well..on a lighter note I see the house boat is For Sale !!.. Ha!

Yep hanging in there. HA HA the house boat was for sale before the storm.

Best of luck to you, and glad you have your sister to go to.

I am near the Raritan Bayshore and there are so many displaced people living in tents. We have Fort Monmouth that's been closed for several years, but has military housing that could accommodate up to 500 families and they've been jerking around and will be going into their 3rd week of inaction, saying the housing has been out of use for several years and needs to be inspected and utilities restored.

Come on Army Corps of Engineers, how long does this take? A local K-Mart already had it's completely damaged roof replaced and is open for business again. So K-Mart is faster than the US Army?

In the mean time people are living in tents at a local race track, enduing the Nor'Easter and cold temperatures.

Fema is turning people down, and flood insurance for many is a joke... shameful.

God bless you and your family and hope life for you returns to normal sooner than later.

Yep, I know what your saying. I hope we get help we need.

Amen to that and best of luck to you all.

It was such a horrible hurricane! I'm sorry to hear about all your troubles, hon. *hugs*

I'm a lucky one. I still have a house. The garage needs some major cleaning and repairs. Thanks for the hugs.

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