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blacky_unicorn wrote in lj_photophile

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(Deleted comment)
Крыша? Больше лица :)

She looks dead. That may be the aim of the shot? Also, leaves in her hair but none on the ground?

that's ok) if the leaves were everywhere, they won't catch so much attention. There are a little bit near.

I'm not usually super into pictures of people, I'm personally more drawn to nature and animals, but this photo is really well composed. Lovely!

This is a nice photo.

Прекрасное фото.
А вот - можно диптих сделать :))


а что? :) по-моему они сочетаются :))

да вполне, развеселили)

Beautiful. Worth WAY more than 1000 words.

да ну. нет ничего в этой банальщине имхо

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