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Dead Roses
saddamit wrote in lj_photophile
IMG_1951 1

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I love the color combination!

Thanks :)

(Deleted comment)
Ah, very beautiful! Such a simplistic yet powerful shot :)

it's a very dramatic shot. i can't help but stare at it for a few minutes.

Thank you for your appreciation! This was the best comment for my work!

Sorry for my curiosity, but how much posts did you scrolled before mine? :)
Or how did you find this post?

i found this photo under creative expression tab in the homepage, shown as big as a usericon. there are several photos there and this one caught my eyes first. ^_^

This is so beautiful. I wish you could just see stuff like this where I live. Did you do any work to it?

A month without water and a little bit of photoshop :)

Lovely, especially the contrasting colours!

It´s a eatiful picture, but I think that there is low light

at first sight roses look like frozen... nice colors...

Yes, I have the same opinion :)

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