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let there be songs to fill the air
liquidmistletoe wrote in lj_photophile

Love the tilt-shift effect, as I think I said elsewhere! :) Did you do it in post?

Thanks! It was in a "teaser" post (which I finally followed up on! hehe)

Love this!

Also, for some reason, I always think of Mr. Rogers when I see shots like this. No idea why.

I had never thought of that before, and now I don't know if I can shake it, haha.

I didn't think it was real at first. It looks like a toy scene!

Well good, then I have succeeded with my intended effect! The tilt-shift effect (also called the "miniature effect") is intended to take a scene and make it look like it's a little miniture toy scene, so I am actually glad it works here! :)

Wow! How did you do this? I assume you need a special lens?

nice tilt-shift! thank you!

Love this Picture, first time on here and I see this!! COOL BEANS!!

Awesome, I never get tired of Tilt Shift!

Boy oh boy I thought the city was bigger than that!
Just a Great little Toy Town effect and love the colours.

Baltimore is one of my favorite cities, always something interesting to look at as this photo shows. Nice job!

Looks like a gorgeous place to be. Nice picture :).

This is a great example of The tilt-shift effect, but I think too many TV producers are using it way too much, in trailers and documentries.


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