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Halloween Photo Contest!
ljen wrote in lj_photophile
Photo by BEE FREE, Flickr

We're celebrating Halloween by hosting a special Halloween photo contest, in addition to our regular weekly contest. Paste your best Halloween-themed (ghostly, spooky, pumpkined-out, costumed, candy-flavored) photos in the comment of this post.

Our favorite photos will win v-gifts, tokens and be featured on LJ's Facebook page!

(Original photos only, meaning you are the photographer. Photoshopping okay. No limits on number of photos, but please keep them under 640 pixels wide.)

Spotted this little guy saving up for winter...


Awwww, I loves me some squirrels.

Can they be photoshopped in any way or just have to be the original photo? (I wasn't sure if that's what you meant by "original photos" or that we have to have taken the photos.)

Edited at 2011-10-25 06:59 pm (UTC)

oh, you can photoshop them! but please don't use other people's photos... :)

Sad cow made me smile!

Not Halloweeny enough? I wasn't sure.

Piper as a Bee

Meemoo got the costume because he mocked the dog. He's not pleased.

Okay. Look at me. Seriously. Trick or treat?

My first photo here, the Blair Witch Project, Adirondacks style.

I think this tree probably hunts people when the sun goes down.

That tree is really creepy!! Great shot!