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LiveJournal Photophile

A big picture view of LJ photographers

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LJ_Photophile: Photos of the week
bluemeringue wrote in lj_photophile
Poll #1502265 LJ_Photohpile: Photo of the Week

Tell us your picks in pics!


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Difficult to choose this week! Great submissions.

I agree it's a tough choice this week. All wonderful!

That is gorgeous!!!!!!

They are all beautiful, but the one with the dog has the most impact. It's a living being in the middle of a frozen landscape.

I agree with your reasoning. It does have more impact. God bless you.

Странно, я проголосовав, обычно потом узнаю что мне понравилась работа с самым низким рейтингом. Видимо, вкус у меня альтернативный.)))

Да! И у меня так бывает.

Heh, I keep being in the minority!

I guess I tend to like well-composed nature photos, and while the dog one is neat, considering I see that all the time here in Indiana, it's not the one that has the most impact on me.

I agree... nice pic, but not so big an impact to me...

suntale's foto is wow!!!

I had a hard time choosing, but the last one, suntale's photo, didn't load, so I never saw it until after choosing another. If I had, I would have chosen the sunset beach.

With very little snow except on the mountains or way down South the first one has the most impact for me. At least the cars aren't stuck yet.

sooooooooooooooo nice!!!

This is a great community and a wonderful creative idea for photographers! i would love to send you some photos, how can I do it? im new to LJ and I still need to learn a lot!

Loved all the photos, but I really couldn't stop looking at mickthesuave's. Fantastic photo.

I love the sunset and the magics that it shows. Its an interesting piece of art capturing the setting of the sun and telling the story of how the day has ended.

Was a bit of a tossup between the sunset and the grasshopper, but decided to go with the grasshopper. It's got an awesome mixture of the shades of green as well as the textures between the blades of the plant and the insect

i choose suntale because i love sunset.

always so pure and the picture with Ivy in front does look really 3D, in my opinion. A real great shot!

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