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LiveJournal Photophile

A big picture view of LJ photographers

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Photo of the week contest
Purple Tentacle
mike wrote in lj_photophile

Tell us your picks in pics!


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There are a few I like but I had to choose the one which caught my eye earlier in the week: n°2 ;)

I can't resist that squirrel! I just want to rub noses with it :)

This week, all the photos are so different but beautiful in their own way. Though I had to make my choice between a squirrel and cats. The cats won because the moment was caught just perfectly. :)

I loved #2, but I also liked #5 and 6, they are all awesome :)

I loved them all, so I closed my eyes and voted. I have no idea which one I picked. LOL

Wow, there are too many beautiful photos to choose :) It took me some time to make a decision.

I like the up close flowere... very artistic feel to it!!♥

they all are great but i picked the 1st one :)

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