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Photo of the week contest
bluemeringue wrote in lj_photophile

Poll #1727125 Photo of the week contest

Tell us your picks in pics!


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Неподражаемо и проникновенно, поэтому здорово!

Yes, peacock love! Woo hoo, go peacock!

But, I didn't vote for it. *contradiction* It was very hard to choose this time around. They're all so good and worthy of a vote. :)

Честный выбор

oh the peacock ghostly pale and the dark background .

Just had to go with the Malfoy's mascot. ;-)

love the peacock. i just noticed the top part at first and thought it was one of thoose dandelion puffball things until i scrolled down a little more and realized what it was. either way it would have been a good shot, but it really is a loveky peacock.

the tree and the eye are both wonderful too, but the peacock is gorgeous.

yup the tree just rocks..

It was hard choosing between the peacock and the kitten pics... one was simply beautiful and the other adorably cute!! Great job you guys!!

Despite it's out of season, I like autumn photo. Such a nice mood. :)

They all are nice but I picked the peacock .Because its very cute.

wow guys...all so good..this gurl is in-pressed! :}

i voted for the cat in the window though

I can't choose - these are all so good! (My sig-photo is one I took in 2006 or so. The sky was talking, so I HAD to listen, right?) I'll come back and vote when I have a little more objectivity.

After viewing it on zoom, I can tell that my first impression of the reflection is wrong but... the punch is still there. It reminded me of a funeral I'd gone to for an elderly horse trainer who'd been in WWI cavalry. I keep expecting the reflection to be a draped casket.

It's not a photo I could bear to view frequently -- but it's one I'll never forget.

Albino Peacocks are so rare and that one is beautiful. Several great shots but I have to go for that one.

I love the bleakness of the second to last one. Very nice.

я проголосовала за павлина- это фото моего японского френда.сейчас трудно там у них
очень красиво- контраст событий и белоснежный королевский павлин
но также хочу поддержать последнего претендента в списке
его фото -размытая осень- просто чудо -природа плает

Ваш опрос занял 39-е место в рейтинге ЖЖ голосований

SO. Hard. to choose!

I like them all, especially the last two.

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