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LiveJournal Photophile

A big picture view of LJ photographers

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Photo of the week contest
bluemeringue wrote in lj_photophile

Poll #1724281 Photo of the week contest

Tell us your picks in pics!


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I've never seen number two before, but I'm not voting for it because it's coming up Access Denied.

This happened to me not long ago. It means the poster locked the entry to lj_photophile members only. If you join the community, you'll have full access to the photo.

Haha, yes I worked that out eventually *facepalm*. Until then I hadn't even realised I'm not a member here, because it comes up on my friends list. Thanks for replying!

No problem. :) It took some digging for me to figure it out. Least I could do was to pass the info on. :)

(Deleted comment)
I agree with you. It's a one-of-a-kind photograph.

LMAO! @ tree. Obviously, the winter in that place was HORRIBLE. :O

I like the uniqueness of #4. It's just different. The tree is cute, but... Eh.

@srikarscribbles 's photo is awesome!! i'll vote this..

I voted by mistake for #2 instead of #3.
Can I change it?

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