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Fall in New England
bluemeringue wrote in lj_photophile


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This was the best part of living in New England: fall. I loved watching the leaves turn from verdant green to browns and golds and oranges.

Hi Friend,
Really very nice pictures.
Thanks for shiring these.


'tis a great picture!!! Delightful!

I miss the fall colors - beautiful picture!

Charming pumpkins for Ozz'es..))

Много денег они на этом празднике зарабатывают)))
в России пока не так.

A very nice depiction of love for Natural things.

Pumpkins! How festive and beautiful.

that's just way beautiful!

ого нефига сибе..... я с украины а вы?

Such a charming view! :-)

Love the photo and just wonder where it is, please?

Taken in New Hampshire a couple weeks ago.

Я теж з України. Ех... Моя мрія туди поїхати...

Украинцы журнала - объеденятесь!)))))) Красивая картинка, так все аккуратненько, рядочками)))) Где такое можно увидеть?

об"єднуйтесь, об"єднуйтесь (:

як же ж воно, якшо гарбузи такі помаранчево-задерикуваті.


That's.. something.
I missed my pictures with pumpkins this year..

Wow that´s so beautiful!! I love fall colors <3

And that's lots of pumpkins!

класс! возникло много кулинарных мыслей -)))))

Realy interesting photo!
What camera you`he been used to take this photo?
Do you happen with mobile camera?

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