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Rainbow Falls (Frozen) - Trough Creek PA
galaski wrote in lj_photophile

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Just how cold does it get in Washington State? I'm a UK citizen and lifetime resident, I have no idea about the climate in most of the USA.
Apart from making me shiver, that is a fantastic picture.

It is Pennsylvania, and it get's pretty darn cold in the winter. It had been below freezing for a few days. We have the full gambit of seasons and temperatures here. I'm glad you liked my photo. It was at dusk with no flash.

Ah I Googled Rainbow falls and the first 2 entries were for Hawaii, which I know is hot and humid and Washington State I should have looked further.%P I know where Pennsylvania is and know it can get cold there.

(Deleted comment)
Yes you may. My name is Christopher W. Rush and the photo was taken on 02/20/2009. Enjoy. I am going to post a photo of the falls unfrozen. :)

May I use this beautiful picture?

Hello there,

May I too? May I use this beautiful picture too? It's so wonderful. Where do you got this place? Wish I can be there too. Thanks a lot for sharing.

> It is Pennsylvania, and it get's pretty darn cold in the winter. It had been below freezing for a few days.

Ha ha ha - read about Oymyakon: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oymyakon

Whoa, beautiful. Reminds me of a crystal cave. :)

That picture is gorgeous! I love it!

That is a wonderful picture! So pretty. . . .

That is beautiful! Very Narnia-like :D

Thanks everyone for your comments, they are very much appreciated. :)

wish i could see that in person...

...как в сказке...кажется, что где-то притаилась фея...

Великолепный снимок. Просто заглядение.

Wow, what an amazing photo! Really beautiful.

It Is Cool!!!realy)

I love yur picture. It really sets a winter mood. It doesn't get that cold here and we don't hve waterfalls.

Although the time would have to find out the real picture...

wow, this is really breathtaking! I wish I was there, I'd love to have a photoshoot with the lovely background.

nice job!!!

That is a wonderful picture you posted.

i've seen a similar scenery in prague, it's a really breathtaking thing!!!

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