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LiveJournal Photophile

A big picture view of LJ photographers

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Bruneau Dunes, Idaho
cecelle wrote in lj_photophile

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very nice! i only asked because the sky was so dark that i figured it might have been ir.

that seems to be water - not sky

yeah now that i looked closer i noticed there were ripples in it.

It is water - the dunes run down into a lake!

yeah i totally see now that the dunes are going down. for some reason i thought they were going up into a dark sky, which would make it possibly have been shot on b&w infrared or post processed infrared.

It is almost an optical illusion - the way the lines run and the trees grow out of the dunes, it really does look like it is going uphill, not down!

(Deleted comment)
The texture and composition are awesome. Great work! :0)

Thank you! I just happened to hit that 'sweet spot' of lighting right before sunset... it really made all the ground texture stand out!

I like this photo ... it looks "other worldly". It is totally fascinating. Great composition!

a fabulous photo!

it takes me home.

Congrats on your recent win! :0)

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