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Express to the city
3hippos1tutu wrote in lj_photophile

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Очень красивая фотография. Спасибо!

Good Eyes !
Good Shot !!

What's the City? Is it now the term for NYC? Inquiring minds want to know. I admire train travel. Less restrictions, mellower pace, laid back atmosphere; the boarding walk is clean, the train sparkles. I'd take a train over a flight every chance.

The color balance is fantastic, the lighting is perfect for it. Excellent picture.

Fantastic shot. This looks like a Melbourne station somewhere? Am I right? If not it looks very similar to Melbourne stations.

Ha yes it's Dennis Station.

Nice. :)

I like the side-by-side dynamic of the moving train and the stillness of the fence line and night sky.


Awesome capture! I realllly like this! :D

I really like the contrast between the crisp focus of the platform and the blurred motion of the train. Really nicely framed to create a strong visual dynamic!

Wow. Past and future in one line - time lapse, but wow, this is good!

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