June 20th, 2012


23rd Street Lawn, Highline Park, NYC

highline 23rd street lawn

he Highline Park is an abandoned freight railroad bridge system on the lower west side of Manhattan.  It has been converted into a park.  Most of the Highline is a path among wildflowers.  This lawn area is flanked by apartment buildings.  In the apartment ahead, to the left, on the second visible story were two small white dogs.  They were running around the apartment playing.  You can see one hidden behind his or her water bowl.

Hunting expedition

I wanted to take a pic of the ladybug... Then I watched the pic and realized....that it was an aphid hunting. One is being eaten (see the antennas in front of the lady bug) two are... on the alert, one is hiding (two antennas on the right)...

IH - space

Pink Stripe

[розовая полоса]


One morning, just as I was looking out my window, the moon was still present and a jet was leaving a long plume of smoke as it climbed the sky -- I was surprised to see that it caught the pink of the early light, nature taking the manmade materials and merely adding them to the "painting".

[Скромный перевод]Однажды утром, точно так же как я был в будущее моя окна, Луна была до сих пор настоящего и реактивных покидает давно шлейф дыма, поскольку забрались на небо-Я был очень удивлён видеть, что она попала в розовых в начале легких, охраны природы с антропогенными материалов и просто добавления их к "Живопись".