May 22nd, 2012

muppets: Gonzo with camera

Osprey in flight

Taken with my Canon Rebel XS, using a 55-250mm lens. I went on a bird photography walk by the shore and got this picture of an osprey who had just caught a fish and was flying back to its nest.
Music: TSwift >> (stay beautiful)

never saw blue like that

So, I didn't see anything about there being a limit to how many photos you can post in a given time period, so I hope this is okay.

Full size photo - it's kinda huge.

I went to Tallinn last summer and in the harbour I found a beautiful craft market full of handmade jewelry, toys, artwork and ornaments. I spent so much of my holiday money there! As I got down to the end of the row of beach hut stalls I saw this - the most beautiful view of the Gulf of Finland, bluer than I've ever known water, with this massive anchor just sat on the shore.