April 27th, 2012

Blooming Taraxacum

Sunrise Over Niagara Falls..

My parents always go to stay at the Fallsview Resort in Niagara Falls, I often tag along as we usually get great
rooms that have beautiful views of the falls and city. The Hotel is like a second home to me considering how many
times I've been there.  This photo, I took when I had to get up at around 7 o'clock in the morning. I took the photo
with a Canon PowerShot A2100 IS. I'm not the best at editing images (or taking them), the sun is pretty overpower-
ing.  I've included the original and more under the cut..

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Comma Butterfly /

(Vanessa) — род бабочек (Lepidoptera) из семейства Nymphalidae, принадлежащего к группе дневных бабочек (Rhopalocera).  Называется также многоцветницей.


  (Vanessa) — a sort of butterflies (Lepidoptera) from the Nymphalidae family belonging to group of day butterflies (Rhopalocera). Is called as also mnogotsvetnitsy.

F.A.Brockhaus and I.A.Efron's encyclopedic dictionary. — Page - Pb.: Brockhaus-Efron. 1890 — 1907.