March 28th, 2012


Panoramic view of midtown Manhattan after sunset.

If you what to see larger size of the photo, click on image using right button of mouse and select "view image".
Photograph was taken from New Jersey bank of Hudson river. It includes upper 20-ties streets (on the right) and all the way to upper 50-ties streets. Markers:
1) Empire State Building has bright green illumination - 34th street
2) Bank of America Tower is just off the center to the right and has antenna spire illuminated in yellow - 42 street.
3) Chrysler Building with arch-like white illumination (just upper most floors are seen) is in the center of the photo (or to the left from Bank of America Tower) - 42nd street.
4) Citigroup Center with it characteristic 45°-angled top appears slightly pinkish on left side of the photo - 53 street