March 14th, 2012

Choir - St Botolph Church, Boston , Lincolnshire

Choir - St Botolph - Boston

I can remember from my childhood family visits to Lincolnshire and the East Coast were highlights of my summer holidays from school in my Grandads car. He always took the route through Boston and onwards to Skegness, Ingoldmells or Chapel St Leonards.

One of the little bits of fun was looking for the Lincolnshire Imp. Grandad used to tell us the story that the imp would pick up the Boston Stump (St Botolph's Church) and run across the road to the other side to confuse you when travelling to Boston. Unknown to the children my siblings and I were at the time, the road approaching Boston had bends in it so that in the distance the Stump did in fact change sides of the road. The tower of St Botolph's Church is 272 feet 6 inches (83.06 m) high, making it the tallest parish church in England to its roof. The tower was used as a marker for travellers on The Fens and in The Wash so can be seen from many miles away.
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I usually take spontaneous photos, especially when it comes to sunsets. But this time I sat and waited for the sunset planning to take some pictures. And I made a discovery! :) The sunset itself is beautiful, but what is more beautiful is the sky (with clouds) right after the sun has disappeared over the horizon.