February 14th, 2012


Рододендрон даурский / Родендрон

Rhododendron (Latin name Rhododendron dauricum) — a kind defoliation or evergreen bushes from a sort family Vereskovye Rhododendron. / Рододендрон даурский (лат. Rhododendron dauricum) — вид листопадных либо вечнозелёных кустарников из рода Рододендрон семейства Вересковые.

In the wild nature grows in Asia to the east from the Altay mountains: in Eastern Siberia, Transbaikalia, Northern Mongolia, Manchuria, Northeast China, Korea, an island Sakhalin and Japan. In many areas of Siberia, in particular in a subalpine belt between the rivers Yeniseis and Lena occupies extensive territories which at early flowering look a continuous pink cloth. Grows in deciduous and pine woods where forms an underbrush.

Midnight Trattoria


This was taken after midnight using a 15 second exposure on my PowerShot. I spent my last night in Venice wandering over bridges and through alleyways looking for shots until the wee hours, and it was often so dark I didn't know what I was getting until after the shot was finished. All the light in this picture is ambient and nearly all of it was reflected off the water from a light about 100 meters down a T-intersected canal.
stock | the bone vulture


I found this mink at a park in Toronto where I do a lot of birding. The birding was slow, but she more than made up for it. :) Shot with a D90 @ 420mm, f/5.6. Click to get to my Flickr page and see it larger.