January 20th, 2012

misc: vidder at work


Using beach toys in the snow has been a fun exercise this week in Seattle. I really liked the way the red stood out against the snow. Taken with my Canon Rebel XS.

3 stages of life

I had to bend over the wall to take this shot. I could not see my composition, I still went for it. My camera was far from my face. I managed to get a good composition, to my surprise. These are the flowers of a Church at Copley Square, Boston.
It's Me

Vermillion, South Dakota

My family and I took a trip to South Dakota in August 2010. We had some vehicle trouble and were forced to make a stop in Vermillion, SD, at sundown. While my husband poked his head under the hood of our van, our three kids and I wandered around the rest stop to let off our own steam. The four of us were awed by the amazing colors in the sky, and so I snapped this picture of the huge concrete teepee with my Canon PowerShot SX120: