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Why am I marked?
sayuri2023 wrote in lj_photophile
Saw this mark while walking one morning down the Kelvin way. Also, its only that some of the trees were marked, not all. I wonder what it means.

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Either a) kids being pains or b) it's scheduled for removal or trimming. At least that's what it means around here in the US. =)

It could be the removal I think..

(Deleted comment)
Usually red x's spell doom for trees. :-(

Reminds me of fern gully.

May be the removal thing as others mentioned but sometimes they could be trail markers. If they are all in order along a path or something maybe that could be it. It's usually a rectangular blaze but could be anything. Cool pic :)

Not necessarily removal. That can be any work with trees. trimming, healing etc.

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