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Kyoto, Kinkaku-ji
zajcev_ushastyj wrote in lj_photophile

Frozen Golden Pavilion.

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Oh, I was here in full summer - what a BEAUTIFUL winter shot!

Thank You.
This winter is unusually snowy and cold even in Japan.

Beautiful contrast with the snow.

Golden Pavilion is always beautiful but snow is very rare in Kyoto.

Absolutely beautiful ♥

Прекрасная антитеза. Сказка Японии.

Редкая сказка, к тому же.

Soo awesomely pretty! Wish I were there ^_^ Thank you!


Над безмолвной землёй воцарился день, до самых краёв налитый холодным воздухом и запахом воды.

ощутила запах воды и зимний воздух)) красиво..

Very nice effect of the gold and the white and grey. Beautiful photo!

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