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LiveJournal Photophile

A big picture view of LJ photographers

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Photo of the week contest
bluemeringue wrote in lj_photophile

Poll #1676253 Photo of the week contest

Tell us your picks in pics!


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always a difficult choice. all the pictures are beautiful.

Really difficult choice! I could have voted for them all!

First picture!!! Hands down! Incredible!!!!

I liked both the first pictures, but unfortunately I only had to choose one! Many thanks to the photographers for making our minds travel far and wide!

very well put! i'm not a world traveller but i sure enjoy the pictures / creativeness from around the globe!!

almost impossible to pick one! such great pics

Is it just me, or are the ones closest to the top the ones that usually get the most votes?

There's something very Narnia-ish about #2.

Loved the first two, but I couldn't resist the last one...I'm a sucker for sunsets and sunrises.

All landscapes are stunning but the first one is my choice. :)

I love the tunnel of trees... quite lovely!!

I chose the flower and cross on because I liked it . But they were all very nice.

I know everyone always says this, but OH MY GOD it was difficult this week.

Especially between scallyfox and anton_argakov. Damn you are both great photographers.

And I spelt your name wrong anton_agarkov. Sorry!

i love pic two, i can just imagine a couple walking down that lane or better yet taking a sleigh ride...

i have to say all the pics are wonderful though.

В первом фото я чувствую энергию , хотя она и скрыта от глаз и замерла на миг, но она есть

They are all really beautiful pictures. I had such a hard time choosing one.

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