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LiveJournal Photophile

A big picture view of LJ photographers

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Mount Saint Helens
kylecassidy wrote in lj_photophile
Can we get a clarification from the mods about formatting? The community rules say only one image per post not larger than 350 pixels but posts are routinely being approved with multiple images and images larger than that - which is confusing. Which makes me think the rules as posted don't reflect what the moderators are looking for in terms of content. How should we be formatting our posts?

And here's Mount Saint Helens, one of the active volcanos in the North West United States.

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The photo looks better in larger size.

Very true. I wanted to stick to the rules until there was some definite word back from the mods.

The bigger the better I say. And I prefer to have multiple images on the same post if they are from the same scene (and person obvs). Lol that's my 2 cents!

One image as a teaser (or a small row of reasonably sized thumbnails not higher than 500 and in total not wider than 600) shows if the the tog has any idea what they're doing, i.e. is worth clicking the cut. Anything wider than 1,000 pixels tends to break most people's friends pages on work computers and laptops.
Also, those of us who watch quite a few photo communities don't want to scroll through endless rows of the same subject.

you finally got to see it!

I especially like the contrast between the cottonball clouds and the snow capped peaks in the dying sunlight.

regarding the rules, I use 3 different ways to check LJ: work computer, home computer and iPhone. The pics are gorgeous but often just don't work via iPhone, and my work computer has a smaller screen than my home.

I would prefer the stated rules, but I can always take this comm off my default view :)

i don't care, really, what size the images should be posted at, as long as everybody's doing it the same way. i just don't want to be posting mine at 350 pixels if other people are doing it at 1000. either the rules should be enforced, ammended, or just deleted, which of the three doesn't really matter.

I would quite like the rules to be *READ* in the first place :)

that too.

since this is a moderated community, someone's approving posts (lots and lots of them) that violate the rules, i'm just wondering if this is because a) the rules are outdated and no longer apply or b) the person approving them doesn't know what the rules are.

Personally I don't care what size the pics are. Its way too much fun seeing what everyone is posting. The pics are amazing.

Nice framing and colour contrast. Very well composed!

Ahh, yes, smaller pics are best for above the cut!

But, gosh, I just hate to say no. I will make one final firm request, one photo per post, 350x350 max, with larger image under a cut or linked to the posted photo. This will enable users to see photos more easily on friends pages and via mobile.

Edited at 2009-12-08 12:25 am (UTC)

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